University of Oslo (UiO) is looking for Postdoctoral Fellow in Fungal Systematics

Published 15.04.2021

Applicants are invited to apply for a postdoctoral researcher position in fungal systematics based at Natural History Museum (NHM), University of Oslo (UiO). The contract period is 4 years fulltime, of which 3 years (75%) are devoted to carrying out research and one year (25%) for compulsory work consisting of teaching and supervision, collection work, outreach activities and research assistance.

The successful candidate will perform research within the field of fungal systematics and fungariomics, combining targeted field collecting and/or fungarium mining with phylogenomic approaches to discover, delimit, describe, and understand fungal diversity. Applicants are expected to develop (and attach to their application) a state-of-the-art, relevant, and ambitious project plan within this research area. We encourage innovative use of our extensive fungarium collections. Both physical specimens and their metadata are available also from other fungaria through international exchange agreements and digitization efforts, respectively. The applicant is free to chose taxonomic and geographic scope, but the outcome should ideally have direct implications for fungal taxonomy, fungal diversity management, and/or other applied aspects. Please do also include a timeline with milestones indicated, a list of expected results/deliverables, and a rough budget. A basic research budget will be available. The successful candidate is expected to take active part in or initiate research project development and grant applications during the employment period.

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Mika Bendiksby