On November 18th we celebrate Academic Heritage Day

Published 18.11.2020

On Wednesday, November 18th, University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden, together with other memory institutions of the University of Tartu, will celebrate Academic Heritage Day. The aim of which is to draw attention to both tangible and intangible heritage.

The memory institutions of the University of Tartu – Museum, Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden and library – created an installation on the corner of Uueturu and Küüni streets to celebrate the Academic Heritage Day and to guide Tartu residents and visitors to the rich and exciting academic heritage during the week. With the installation placed in the urban space, the aim is to draw attention to the rich heritage stored in the university's memory institutions and to introduce the University Museum, Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden and library.

Academic heritage is the people associated with the university and their thoughts and research, the university's buildings, objects and traditions. The university has had a significant impact on what and how we study at school, how Estonian social and cultural life has developed and what the city of Tartu is like. Thus, the academic heritage is reflected in the lives and activities of all of us. However, the university's memory institutions have an important role to play as its custodian and promoter.

The Academic Heritage Day is initiated by the European University Heritage Network Universeum. In this year of sudden and drastic social changes, big uncertainties, and social distancing due to the pandemic, we are determined to stay agile and connected. Universeum invites to take part in the social media campaign by sharing one object from the museum's collections related to trauma and hope, distancing and connection. Objects that relate to global health crisis and to human inventiveness to combat hazards and crises. Find out the Facebook and Instagram account of the University of Tartu Nature History Museum!

Happy Academic Heritage Day!


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